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Wisconsin Logistics Consulting, Inc.

Company Profile

While negotiating contracts on behalf of United Parcel Services for six years, founder, Michael Kowalske, saw first-hand that bringing in a 3PL made a major difference in the incentives that were given to the customers.  Started in the fall of 2005, Wisconsin Logistics Consulting, Inc., a non-asset based service provider, has grown from offering cost-savings analysis with carrier contract negotiations, to providing full parcel auditing capabilities that provide our clients a 15-25% increase in annual savings.

With over 30 years of industry experience and over $100 million in annual carrier contracts, we have been able to use that expertise to continually provide professional recommendations, solutions, guidance, and overall optimization for all of your small parcel needs.  Our proven history helps our clients achieve annual savings of six to seven figures annually.

Our core values are based upon integrity, communication, innovation, and partnership.  Striving to develop long-lasting mutually beneficial client relationships while maximizing efficiency and controlling costs is our number one goal.

About WLC

Mission:  To create a customized logistics solution that will help create additional profits to the client's bottom line while recognizing that each client's needs and wants will be as unique as the individuals themselves.

Vision:  The goal is to provide the niche services that we offer to our clients while becoming a recognized resource for the small parcel customer segmentation.

History:  Since 2005, Wisconsin Logistics Consulting, Inc. has been offering small parcel logistics consulting and management services.  With over 30 years of contract negotiation and auditing services experience, that professional knowledge and expertise has allowed us to successfully negotiate six and seven figures annually in additional savings. Building trust has always been the major force in our relationships with our clients, which is why the vast majority of them have been with us much longer than our original contracts.

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