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Wisconsin Logistics Consulting, Inc.

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"I've had the privilege to work with Michael through his time with UPS and in his current business, and he is the consummate professional who brings a wealth of knowledge, integrity, and solid people skills to every situation.  We exceeded our goals with a higher level of service and more cost-effective freight program with certain providers, and that was due in large part to the role that Michael had in the process.  He welcomes the challenges of this industry, and has all the key ingredients for success."

--Manager, Wisconsin

"Wisconsin Logistics Consulting, Inc. helped us not only reduce our freight costs by six-figures annually, but they are one of the most aggressive bulldogs we've seen when it comes to negotiating with the big carriers."

--Owner, Massachusetts

"I will never hire anyone else again to help us renegotiate our carrier contracts.  Wisconsin Logistics Consulting, Inc. has been with us since 2009 and we have saved six figures every time we renegotiate."

--CEO, New York